Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Des Moines Field Trip Reflection

This trip was amazing! I had a blast but it wore me out, too! The whole thing was just a wonderful experience.
1: My favorite part of the trip was probably the Fire and Ice show. Not only was it really cool, but the guy doing it for us, Chris, was really funny!
2: For this, I need to include sub-categories, so here we go!
     A: My favorite piece of art was 'Gyre', by Marie Lorenz. It was by far the biggest exhibit in the museum and had a bunch of waste in the ocean on strings hanging from the ceiling of the third floor to the bottom of the first floor. It was really cool and had a good meaning of what is going wrong in the world today.
     B: The best example of art is definitely 'Swing Time', by Glenn Brown. It's a portrait of a woman with no defined edge and the paint is curling out. It displays what art truly is. It shows that, while you can be as creative as need be, it still has to be art. Many of the things I saw belonged more in a history museum, but this is art. Art can be as creative as you want, but it still has to make sense,
     C: The biggest artist I saw there was Grant Wood. I don't know a lot of artists, but I've seen some art by him in the art room and in some other places, but I didn't see many super important artists in history, like De Vinci or Van Gough.
     D: The art that best shows what not to do to make art is Jeff Koons' 'The New Shelf For Wet/Dry Triple Decker'. Want to know what it was? It was literally three vacuum cleaners in a triple-decker case. What!? To me, that doesn't sound like art, that sounds like a modern utility closet. I know that postmodernism is a thing, but there's a difference between post-modernism and just strange. A great post-modernism piece of work is Micheal Foucault's 'This is Not a Pipe' piece. It shows a picture of a pipe with the words this is not a pipe written under it, I like this piece. It's funny, it's ironic, it gives off emotion, but vacuum cleaners don't give off any emotion.
3: The thing that taught me the most was the I- Max Movie we saw called 'Dream Big'! It was a great movie about architecture and girls helping the world have safer, better buildings. It did the impossible and made me excited about engineering. That is something to be proud of.
4: The most fun was probably eating at Spaghetti Works because I and a few of my friends just made a bunch of jokes and laughed basically the whole time we were there. The Fire and Ice show was also a blast.
5: This trip fit the 'Images of Greatness' Theme so well because it showed us greatness through history and in Iowa, whether more modern like the art museum, or much older, like the World Food Prize.
6: I don't think I would change anything. A lot of people were complaining about how boring the World Food Prize was, but we need that stop to remind us that we weren't there just to have fun, we were also there to learn, and that stop zoned us back in.
All in all, this trip was an absolute blast and I can't wait to see what the 7th Graders think next year! Love you, Chris! And remember to unpack your adjectives!
PS: The World Food Prize wasn't as bad as you all thought it was.

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