Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

My History Day Project was on Saint Valentine. 1) Saint Valentine was, surprise, a Saint. A Saint is someone who is acknowledged as holy and virtuous. My category was the exhibit category, where you make something people look at and read, usually with decorations, colorfulness, and tape. Lots, and lots, of tape(my partner and I used glitter tape :D). 2) I like how aesthetically pleasing our board turned out. 3) That he was arrested more than once and that more than one person has his name. 4) The research, because he was born in the 3rd century, so no one he knew is alive, or their grandkids. 5) I learned that you need to look at every website before you do your research. 6) I don't know, I think we did pretty solidly. 7) Getting the research done, because we weren't that sure we'd be able to. 9) I don't really have much to say except try you hardest, work your hardest, and don't procrastinate! BTW; My partner is/was Kaylee Pringle.

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