Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

My project is about Character Tropes in writing and different types of Mary Sues. I did it on Google Slides.
My favorite thing about this project is the topic. I am very passionate about this topic and I love to teach and show people good writing versus bad writing.
The hardest thing about this project was finding pictures and examples of each trope and type of Mary Sue.
I learned that a topic you think someone will dislike makes you stress more and as a learner I learned that the presentation makes or breaks the project.
If we had a choice, I would pick a different topic, if not, I would probably write a script and do a Prezi instead of a Google Slide, even though I am the great defender of the Google Slide.

Friday, January 5, 2018

One Word

  Image result for expressive
My one word is 'Expressive'. The reason I chose this word is that I have a lot of trouble showing how I feel and I want to be able to express my feelings honestly. I always am trying to hide how I really feel because I don't want to weigh people with my problems. This actually has a double meaning though, because I'm a very creative person, I need to stop being overly cynical about my work and just write it down. I need to take others advice, but I also need to express how I want things to be and not just tell people what I think they want to hear, because I also do that a lot, too. So I guess it really has a triple meaning. I need to express how I feel, my opinions, and my ideas.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To Kill A Mokingbird: Similarities & Differences

Something that I found different in the movie was that in the book, Atticus seemed like this kind, noble, & clever man who basically could do anything and it was hard to stump or render speechless, but, in the movie, he seemed just like a struggling parent, trying to teach his children right from wrong while struggling too do the same. It was wonderful. You could tell it was hard to get him riled up, but when you did, you couldn't get a word in.
Something different was that it didn't have as much stuff in it and I liked it. It was like Scout was directly talking to you and she was short on time so she had to skip somethings. I really enjoyed the movie if you couldn't tell.
I don't really have anything else to say. I just really enjoyed this movie and all the subtle things in it. (Like the ham costume.)
A lot of people said they hated this movie and I don't blame them, but you have to understand, people first have the make a movie, then focus on turning it into an adaptation, and cutting things out was the only way to do that. Overall, like I said twice before, I loved this movie.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter


DWA 9/05/17
Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Do you agree or disagree? Explain:

        Yes, I agree that imagination is more important than knowledge because if your job involves knowledge but not imagination, you might make a decent sum of money, but you won't be as happy as if you made less money but were pursuing something you are passionate about. Say working in an office versus being an author.

DWA //17
Would you rather give or get gifts?

        Not to be selfish, but probably get because I want stuff, & there's nothing wrong with liking to get stuff more than to get stuff more than to give stuff even though the world tells us there is.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Words of Wisdom

During this project, I found some thing that everyone generally agrees with. Things like follow your dreams, do things that make you happy, and never give up. I see these as good things, because, after all, we all have our dreams, including me. :3

Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

My History Day Project was on Saint Valentine. 1) Saint Valentine was, surprise, a Saint. A Saint is someone who is acknowledged as holy and virtuous. My category was the exhibit category, where you make something people look at and read, usually with decorations, colorfulness, and tape. Lots, and lots, of tape(my partner and I used glitter tape :D). 2) I like how aesthetically pleasing our board turned out. 3) That he was arrested more than once and that more than one person has his name. 4) The research, because he was born in the 3rd century, so no one he knew is alive, or their grandkids. 5) I learned that you need to look at every website before you do your research. 6) I don't know, I think we did pretty solidly. 7) Getting the research done, because we weren't that sure we'd be able to. 9) I don't really have much to say except try you hardest, work your hardest, and don't procrastinate! BTW; My partner is/was Kaylee Pringle.